"The Fab Fur"
Bad to the Bark.  He's the original Scottie easy rider.  
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C * O * P * Y* R* I * G* H * T
Reminiscent of another era, the FAB Fur
rocks on.
Flowers in their fur, Agnes on t he
ivories, Baby Ruth with the tambourine,
Campbell on the drums and O'Henry on
electric Scottar.  
C * O * P * Y * R * I * G * H * T
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Who You Whistling At's Mother
The Birth of the Scottish Terrier
All images  printed as  8 x 10" on acid
free heavy card stock or canvas paper.
C * O * P * Y* R* I * G* H * T
C * O * P * Y* R* I * G* H * T
Mona Scottie Mona Scottie Laddies adore you.........
What is she smiling at?
"Mona Scottie"
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Blueboy is  a portrait of the son of a
wealthy Scottie.  If is also a  
historical costume portrait of well
dressed Scottie Boy-o's  during the
17th century.
This Scottie Mam's portrait is set in
the Victorian Era.  The model  was
originally posed standing but the
artist took so long she said she
needed a chair already and sat down.
Studying in Florence and under the
guidance of the "Great Barkicelli"
was created